April 2019 - Proud to be a Quitter

The good, the bad, and the healthy

The good kind of addiction:

  • your tack collection (hey, we've got new bareback colours in stock!)
  • your horse collection (the more, the merrier, right?)
  • your essential oils (is it even an addiction if it's healthy for you? We don't think so.)

All kidding aside, we all know there's the bad kind of addiction. The unhealthy kind. And it's no laughing matter. Drinking too much, too often. Smoking cigarettes, cigars, and now even e-cigarettes are suspected to be dangerous. 

Maybe it's your friend, your parent, your sibling, or yourself. It's probably been happening for a while now... years even, and you don't know what to do. You're tired of your friends and family telling you it's gonna kill you. 

This month we are highlighting a unique and very affordable tool to help you quit smoking, naturally! The FUM inhaler! Some people are also using this for reducing alcohol cravings and food cravings with various essential oils!

This amazing little Canadian maplewood inhaler does NOT have a heating element so it's not like vaping/e-cigs. It won't burn your lungs or deliver any harmful toxins into your system. There's no smoke either, since it's drops of essential oils on a cotton insert, and is not burning anything. This is a way to inhale healthy essential oils, in a familiar routine that "reminds" you of smoking because it satisfies that "need" to hold something in your hand, put it to your mouth and inhale from it. Plus you can actually use it INSIDE THE BARN! Or on a plane if you are travelling anywhere! Or in your office! Genius! Be careful if you use Peppermint or Lavender oils in your FUM around your horses though ... they may want to eat it.

The recommended oils to start with for smoking cessation are Black Pepper essential oil and Clove essential oil. Black Pepper still delivers that "bite" that nicotine does, but is a pure plant oil with zero synthetics, toxins, or fillers. Therapeutic grade pure Clove essential oil has an outrageously high ORAC antioxidant score and will pack a punch of immune boosting goodness in every spicy breath! (For some credible, scientific sources of what essential oils can do, don't just take our word for it! Pop over to the PubMed.)

What are you spending on smoking per week? If you are a medium to heavy user, the FUM will pay for itself in the first week. It's just $49 (CDN) (plus shipping) and comes with 14 wicks to drop the oil onto. Each wick lasts 1-2 weeks (and you can always order more when you run out.) 

But WAIT! We are offering a great deal on your FUM if you join our oils team. Keep reading!

Wholesale pricing on a 5mL of therapeutic grade pure Black Pepper oil is $24.25 (CDN) and for a heavier user will last approximately 2 weeks. So order 2 bottles for a month supply. If you sign up as a retail member the retail price is $31.91 per bottle so it's worthwhile to be a wholesale member as there is no obligation to sell. It's just a great way to get a discount!

Kids and non-smokers are also LOVING their FUM for helping relieve cough and cold symptoms (Lemon or Thieves essential oils work well) and for headaches we recommend using Peppermint or the amazing M-Grain blend! Using Peppermint in your FUM is also great for helping you wake up and feel immediately energized without the need for caffeine. It really opens up those airways and puts a pep in your step!

If you join our Boondocks Essential Wellness oily team (under Jo - member #3869617) and place an oils order for at least 2 oils, we will personally give you a 3-pack sampler of Lavender, Lemon, & Thieves oils, and a tree of life diffuser necklace (see picture below)! (OR if you prefer, a $10 credit on your essential oils account, OR $10 off your purchase of a FUM through us & we will ship your FUM for free!)

And when your friends want to get in on this little secret of yours, you can sign them up for an essential oils account under you and start earning commission! Helping off-set your boarding fees or future essential oils orders has never been so easy peasy Lemon squeezy!

Want your very own FUM inhaler and oils? Email us to get started. The FUM is not available through Young Living so it's best to contact us directly. boondockstrailriding@outlook.com 

A FUM essential oil inhaler gives you the feeling of smoking but with fabulous health benefits.
A FUM essential oil inhaler gives you the feeling of smoking but with fabulous health benefits.

More Information

Our Offer


Join our 

Boondocks Essential Wellness team (under Jo - sponsor/enroller 3869617), and order at least 2 oils on your wholesale account (your oils will be 24% off retail pricing!), and we will give you:

  •  a beautiful tree of life diffuser necklace with 10 felt diffuser pads, and a sampler pack of Thieves, Lemon and Lavender oils (0.15mLs each)

  • OR a $10 (CDN) credit on your essential oils account for future oils orders!

  • OR a $10 discount on your FUM & inserts if you buy through us! We will also cover the cost of shipping your FUM to you!

There is NO COST to sign up for your essential oils account. You just pay for the oils that you want! To order your FUM please email us directly as it is not on the YL website.

Your FUM


These are hand made in Canada, and each one is unique. They are made from Canadian maplewood. The FUM comes with a sturdy cardboard protective case and 4 cotton insert wicks to get you started, but if you join our essential oils team and order through us you'll get an additional 10 inserts (14 in total, plus the inhaler) all for $39 (CDN) (& free shipping).

(if you purchase from FUM, you'll pay $49 plus shipping.)

Having your own essential oils account will allow you to re-order additional essential oils at any time as needed, and if you get on Essential Rewards you earn points for free products and earn commissions when your friends get their accounts under you!

Join our oily team through Jo's link.

Your FUM can be ordered by sending us an email.

The Inserts

FUM cotton inserts.

The cotton inserts absorb the essential oil and sit inside the end of the FUM inhaler. It is very easy to insert and remove them to re-load more oils (just blow). 

From our personal experience each cotton insert is good for at least a week, usually 2 weeks at a time. If trying your FUM with different oils, use individual inserts otherwise it'll taste like all the oils together.