Essential Oils and Horses

Our perfect purple bareback pad is even better with a few drops of Young Living Lavendar.

Health Benefits & Free Shipping on your Bareback Pad Purchase

You may have tried oils yourself but did you know they also work wonders with horses too? Young Living’s Animal Scents line includes products for horses, dogs & cats! (Click link to watch a quick video!)

Do you know a nervous rider or horse who could benefit from the calming properties of an all natural plant based product? 


Use YL oils in recipes too!

 What horse doesn’t like peppermint? (Ok one of ours doesn’t but many do!) Some other oils we love are Stress Away & Lavender for relaxation as well as helping with headaches, skin issues & more(!) and the Thieves Laundry Soap is perfect for deep-cleaning and de-stinking our machine washable bareback pads after riding. 

Frankincense, Copaiba, and Carrot Seed essential oils with shea butter and coconut oil makes an incredible DIY face cream, perfect for self-pampering after those windy, cold-weather trail rides


Highest Quality with Young Living

The research speaks for itself. Young Living was the first to market, the founder’s (Gary Young’s) personal story on how and why he started the company is incredibly inspirational, and after 25 years Young Living is still the leader in the highest grade of pure, therapeutic essential oils. And the company family also has a horse ranch which, of course, we think is awesome.

If you are not yet sure about joining our oily team but wish to try some of the highest quality essential oils that you won’t find in stores, ask us for samples with your bareback pad purchase! 

We invite you to join our oils team!

If you become a wholesale member through this link and place an oils order, we will cover shipping costs on any bareback pad purchase! Please email us directly to complete your bareback pad purchase so we can waive the shipping fee. Young Living has over 700 products, from pure essential oils to laundry soap, hand soap, make-up, household (and barn!) cleaner, as well as oil-infused joint supplements for osteoarthritis (for people), greens, vitamins, wolfberry health supplement drinks, natural weight loss aids, and so so so much more!

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Wholesale pricing is a welcome bonus to good health!

Join us through our membership # for wholesale pricing on YL essential oils (24% off!) and be part of a supportive team of health-conscious animal lovers intent on wellness, health maintenance and natural lifestyles. And once you are a member, you'll want to share your great results with others! 

Have you ever recommended your favourite restaurant to a friend? Or recommended a good trainer for someone's horse? Did you get paid for that referral? With Young Living, you get PAID when you refer people to sign up for their own accounts. You don't have to hold any inventory or manage peoples' orders yourself. Just get them signed up, and YOU will earn a commission on what they order, to do what you like with. Boarding fees or new tack comes to mind. ;)

Chemical-free, Third Party Tested, & Cruelty-free

Seed to Seal


Young Living is the industry leader in essential oils and has strict processes for their products starting from the seeds planted in the ground of the farms they own and partner with, through every stage of growth, harvesting and packaging. They walk the talk! YL treats people, animals, the industry, and their members with respect and dignity, proving they are a front runner in corporate responsibility and the triple bottom line model.

Seed to Seal: Sourcing


Young Living‘s oils are sourced from their corporate-owned farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers. This empowers them to source conscientiously and with sensitivity to local communities and ecosystems.

Sustainability starts at the source.

Seed to Seal: Science

Seed to Seal: Young Living is the industry leader setting the benchmark.

Product testing of Young Living’s essential oils doesn’t take place exclusively within their two in-house labs. Young Living also works with more than a dozen of the world’s leading, independent, and accredited labs with highly skilled and trained scientists who specialize in advanced product testing.

Seed to Seal: Standards


Inexpensive essential oils are often synthetic, adulterated, or unethically sourced, which is why Young Living chooses partners who produce pure essential oils and ingredients ethically and legally. This practice sets a top-tier standard for sustainability.

In addition, none of the oils or products are tested on animals, including the make-up line!

The Lavender Farm


The Young Living Lavender Farm and Distillery is an iconic lavender farm, not only to Young Living but also to the essential oil movement and the wellness community. This lavender farm is just a short drive from Young Living Global Headquarters and is home to events such as the Lavender Day festival, the Essential Oils and Animals Conference, and more.

Thieves Laundry Soap

Young Living essential oils & Thieves laundry soap.

Within the Thieves line of chemical-free cleaning products is Thieves laundry soap. We use, and highly recommend, this soap for its ability to de-stink gross horse tack, maintain vibrant colours, and preserve the life of your garments. Please join our team as an independent distributor and experience the benefits this amazing company offers!