February 2019 - Essential Oils for the Barn!

Thieves Premium Starter Kit

1. All the Thieves!

Essential oils for the barn: say what? Yes, seriously. These oils and our oil infused products are a must have in your tack room! Thieves Laundry soap is toxin free and cleans like you hired someone to do the dirty work. 😉 It gets out the stink, the sweat and the grime, and your horse will not react to any perfumey smell next time you ride. It’s got a subtle yet fresh aroma, and is the ONLY soap we recommend for our bareback pads!

2. Stress Away is FREE with a starter kit this month!

Join our team for FREE. There's no charge to sign up for a wholesale account. Get a Premium Starter Kit (valued at over $400) to get started on your journey to better health and wellness AND get a 15mL Stress Away for FREE (valued at $50.33 retail). The starter kit is $199.75 and you get over $450 worth of products!

Which leads us to Snickerdoodles. And apple pie. Who doesn’t love these! We know leather smells heavenly but come on, so do Snickerdoodles and apple pie. 

Here’s how you can make your tack room smell delicious: 

SNICKERDOODLES: diffuse 3 drops of Stress Away and 3 drops of Thieves oil! 

APPLE PIE: 3 drops of Stress Away, 2 drops of Thieves and 1 drop of Lemon.

You might find you like a stronger cinnamon/clove influence and switch the drops around: 3 drops Thieves, 2 drops SA, 1 drop Lemon. Play with the recipe and let us know your fave combination!

Just don’t let your horse - or your friends - eat the diffuser. 😂 It smells THAT good! 

3. Another great oil to try...

Lemon peel oil comes in one of the Premium Starter kits (there are several kits to choose from) and is da bomb on silver conchos and your silver jewelry! It shines up all the things, and even cleans & conditions saddles and bridles nicely when used with carrier oils such as olive, hemp seed or sweet almond oil!

4. Up your selfie game!

Thieves toothpaste will get your teeth sparkling in no time flat! This oil infused, fluoride-free, toxin-free stuff will totally up your selfie game, especially if you’ve got barn buddies in a group shot showing their smiles too. Yours will be the brightest! 

5. A compelling persuasion!

We mention Stress Away on our Essential Oils page, and regularly in our posts. There’s a reason for that. It really works. 😮 This month you can get a $50.33 (CDN retail) Stress Away for FREE if you become a member with an eligible Premium Starter Kit! There’s a Thieves Line starter kit that would be a perfect kit to choose....comes with the Thieves oil (see point #2 - you’ll have both the oils for the Snickerdoodles diffuser recipe - oh, AND the DIFFUSER!), comes with the laundry soap (#1), toothpaste (#4), and more! Plus you’ll be saving 24% on all your future oils! 

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