November -December 2019: All is Calm

Looking for awesome gift ideas?


Got a November birthday to buy for? Looking to get your holiday shopping done early? 

How about a purple bareback pad and a bottle of Lavandula Angustifolia therapeutic essential oil!

Real LAVENDER helps with sleep and relieving feelings of angst. When applied topically, it also is fantastic for sore muscles! And is in many of our & Young Living's skin care products. It's not called the "swiss army knife of oils" for nothing. ;)

Roll On & Calm Down


Plants are nature's miracles and Young Living tapped into that natural power 25 years ago! 

STRESS AWAY & VALOR II are fantastic for your emotions, especially when paired together, and we make roll-ons with them both! 

$20 per roll-on

Balance your chakras


Chakras are your energy points along your spine and up to the crown of your head. When you or your horse feel discombobulated, your chakras could be out of balance. 

These gorgeous bracelets also have black lavastones for diffusing your favourite calming oils. $15 

(Oils available separately).

Diffuse and Inhale


We have diffuser necklaces, as well as FUM essential oil inhalers (no smoke, no vape, no heating element). Millions of people use pure therapeutic grade essential oils for supporting their health and emotions, as well as for quitting smoking! Curious? We'd love to explain!

Give the gift of health & wellness


A Canadian Premium Starter Kit for the barn comes with a diffuser, 2 sachets of NingXia Red all-natural wolfberry health drink, and these 11 oils (yes, eleven!) All for $199 Cdn! (A $400 value, retail.)

Lavender for calming/muscle relief/skin, Thieves for immune boosting, Lemon for cleaning tack & lifting mood, Frankincense for calming & skin healing, Copaiba for muscle pain & enhancing effects of other oils, DiGize for relief of indigestion/upset tummy, Peppermint for cooling effects & tummy upsets, Purification to take away all the stink, RC for cough/cold relief, Northern Lights Black Spruce for calming/coughs/colds, and PanAway for sore muscles.

Want more ideas?


We've got ideas, ideas and more ideas on how to incorporate health & wellness into your barn. 

Horses love it when their riders are calm, cool and collected. And we know you don't want to miss a single moment of time with your horses because of a flu bug that all your friends seem to pass around. Pure plant oils can help & you'll be everyone's BFF when you help your friends stay well all winter too. 

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Boondocks Essential Wellness!

Get the cost of your bareback pad covered

The power of THREE

Have you got THREE friends who have been talking about living a healthier lifestyle? Of course you do. If you are a Young Living member on our team (enroller/sponsor #3869617), and you enroll THREE friends who buy Premium Starter Kits, you will end up with a $195 commission cheque from Young Living ($65 per kit) to spend however you choose. Like, on a new bareback pad. ;) 

It's that easy. 

Join our team today for FREE and have a sign-up party at the barn this week! You'll be everyone's BFF when you show your friends and family how to ditch toxins, go all natural with plant-based everything, and make the barn smell ah-mazing in the process.